Sections in this Work

Throughout this work, I try to give control (especially in terms of navigation) to you, the reader, as much as possible. The sidebar contains links to the various indexes that allow you select nodes of interest without my imposing a great deal of my own structure. (If you like, you could simply go through each node in the General Index in the alphabetic order in which they appear--producing quite an interesting reading--and there would be very little structure imposed by me.)

But I have conceived of structure for this work, a structure you can see by following the arrow buttons. This node is also one in which my structure is evident. The links below are to the six major divisions of this work, the privileged elements, if you will. This node is at the highest level in my hierarchy. Whereas the indexes are simply listings of nodes (by topics, by authors' names, or in alphabetical order) the links provided here take you to conceptual threads in the work.


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