An Introduction?

Because this is a hypertext, unlike Foucault, I may very well have slipped imperceptibly into this work, since this is likely not the first node you've come to on your journey through this work. In fact, depending on your choices, you might never see this node. So calling this (or any) node an "Introduction" is inappropriate.

This introduction isn't necessarily any more valid as an introduction than other sections with "background" material. For instance, I have a General Index that contains background information; or I have a node about the project I've undertaken; and I even have a node attempting to answer the so what? question. All of these nodes contain background information about this subject, about the project, about how the work fits in. So why call this an introduction?

There are obvious difficulties with the concept of an introduction/preface in hypertext. If you follow the "Beginnings" thread, I'll continue to deal with how introductions are problematic in hypertext. Included in this node are also links to other introductory threads.

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