Tom Formaro is a writer, drummer, and dad. After 14 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tom returned to Des Moines with his wife and beautiful daughter. They have two rescue dogs, Enzo and Evie. Tom is the son of a Sicilian immigrant and a first-generation Italian-American. His family is in the restaurant business and prior to his professional communications career, he worked in restaurants as everything from a dishwasher to a cook. His debut novel, The Broken Heart Diet, is largely based on Tom’s kitchen experience. He has published short stories in Spoilage, Akkadian, and SoMa Literary Review. He is also the co-author (with his lovely wife, Rachel) of a children’s book, Alfonso, the Christmas Pumpkin.

Tom’s poetry appears in Janus Head, Otoliths and dadakuku and is forthcoming in M58, Indefinite Space and Exacting Clam.

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